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  • The treatment exfoliates the skin deeply and safe.

    45 min

    75 British pounds

What is a Chemical Peel ?

Chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to
remove the top layers.
Chemical peels are made of different acids (glycolic/lactic/Salicylic etc) in different
percentages, to target individual skin concern, according to concentration and ph of the acid peel
The treatment exfoliates the skin deeply and safe, increases the skin's natural ability to
hold moisture, and is proven to stimulate collagen production.

The Skin becomes smoother, firmer, younger, and brighter.

it can treat most skin conditions; Anti-aging, pigmentation etc.

Chemical Peel Benefits :

Improvement in fine lines/wrinkles

Improved skin tone and texture
Reduced pore size
Fresher, healthy-looking skin
Improved appearance of acne scars

For best results we recommend 4 - 6 sessions at 4 weeks intervals.​
Course of 4 - £230 saving £50

What to avoid before/after the treatment :

Avoid retinoids (related to vitamin A) a week before and a week after the treatment.
Avoid sun exposure to the treated area for a week before treatment,

and a week after the treatment.



To make sure your skin doesn’t react to the products used in your treatment, please book a free patch test for atleast 48 hours before your appointment.

Mild redness for up to 24-48 hours

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